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    Sashiko Workshops.

    Learn from Tradition.


    Atsushi Futatsuya, a Sashiko artisan from Japan, offer several Sashiko Workshops in English. Check our 2019 Schedule.
    The main Location is NYC, NJ, and PA.

  • A great opportunity to learn the Sashiko Japanese practice.

    Based on 30+ experience in Sashiko stitching, Keiko & Atsushi offer Sashiko workshops for anyone who would like to learn the Sashiko we try to pass down to the next generation. It will be an eye-opening experience for you.

    • Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core) in Tribeca NYC
      • April 13th, Saturday, 10 am to around 1:15 pm for 3 hours + α | -SOLD OUT. Thank you.
      • April 13th, Saturday, 2:30 pm to around 5:45 pm for 3 hours + α | -SOLD OUT. Thank you.
      • April 14th, Sunday, 2 pm to around 5:15 pm for 3 hours + α | -SOLD OUT. Thank you.
      • November 9th, Saturday, 10:00 am to around 1:15 pm for 3 hours | Open to Enrollment 
      • November 9th, Saturday, 1:45 pm to around 5:00 pm for 3 hours | Open to Enrollment 
      • November 10th, Sunday, 1:45 pm to around 5:00 pm for 3 hours | Open to Enrollment 
    • Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop (Advanced | Intermediate) in Tribeca NYC
      • N/A
    • Sashiko Mending Workshop
      • N/A​
  • What you will learn in Sashiko Workshops,

    A simple routine makes everything happier.

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    stitching (rhythm)

    This is Sashiko Stitching!

    Sashiko is getting popular for its simple yet beautiful stitching. We will share how to make these beautiful Sashiko stitching with working with you throughout the 3 hours long workshops.

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    History & Mindset

    Ordinary, yet therefore very special.

    Sashiko is (was) too ordinary for the Japanese people so we didn't establish "the way" of Sashiko, We will share how the Japanese developed Sashiko. Related topics are Boro & Kofu.

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    Learn from the expert.

    We believe that there is no such a thing as "rule" in Sashiko. However, based on its history, there are techniques which can improve the speed and accuracy of stitching.

  • Workshop Instructor

    You will learn Sashiko from the Japanese who recently moved to the United States. The workshop is in English, and we are happy to answer any questions regarding Sashiko there.

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    Atsushi Futatsuya

    Sashiko "Repair" Artist

    Born as the 3rd generation of a surviving Sashiko family in Gifu Prefecture.


    Atsushi grew up with Sashiko surrounded by thread, needles and lots of fabrics. Atsushi launched the "Sashi.Co" project with his mother, Keiko, who has over the 30 years experience of Sashiko Stitching as a platform to introduce their masterful works.


    What Atsushi Teaches

    Sashiko Core & Basic Technique

    We share how to make Sashiko stitching with the appropriate posture of hands and how to use needles and a thimble.


    Sashiko is very fulfilling for its slow stitch, however, it can have masterful speed to maximize the enjoyment. Come and learn from the expert,

  • Learn the Japanese Sashiko Online. Atsushi will teach Sashiko and support you wherever you live.

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  • Online Sashiko Class is available now.

  • Check our Youtube Channel to preview our Workshop. This video is how we make a simple running stitch. The workshop is more than this video, of course!



  • Frequent Question to Sashiko Workshops

    Please contact us if you have more questions. Your comfortableness and easiness to participate in the workshop is very important for us. (Please ask the question about workshop, not the Sashiko technique).

    Do I need any experience in Sashiko or hand sewing?

    No. We do not require any Sashiko or other types of hand-sewing previous experience. The participant with other types of embroidery experience, like quilting and embroidery, may experience a bit difficult time to adjust your hands to our method. However, everyone who participated left the reviews that it was good: from the uncomfortable (different) first hour to comfortable (or feel to be comfortable) in stitching. Most of them feel the improvement of in 3 hours.

    What kind of material &tools do I need?

    Please bring Curiosity & Passion to Sashiko. We will provide all the materials you need in the workshop. You may bring your own sewing kit, like threaders and thread clippers, if you prefer. Also, you will receive a detailed email for the preparation before joining the workshop. We will be here to provide the best Sashiko experience.

    Can you offer the workshop in my city?

    Our goal is to offer the Sashiko workshops anywhere in the world. Yes, we would love to visit your city.

    Atsushi, Sashiko instructor who speaks English, will travel to anywhere in the world if the conditions meet. Please contact us for the detail. We will discuss the fee to have me in your place.

    I have some experience in Sashiko. Should I take the basic workshop?

    I ask everyone to take the basic & core Sashiko stitching workshop.

    Although I understand that there are many people who enjoy Sashiko, it is critical to teach you how to use the Sashiko tools (needle & thimble) in our method. Please understand that I want to be fair to everyone how is in the workshop.


    *If you are confident that you are using the thimble and needle in our method after watching our Youtube videos, please contact us so we will check your stitching form and give you the permission to take advanced workshops.


    Please send us your feedback!

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